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What you need to know

How we help you achieve your goals
Workshops and Keynotes
Book a Great Facilitator

We help our clients realize their most important goals. With years of experience and unmatched credentials, Greenevine is uniquely equipped to make your next event a stunning success

We know our clients’ needs are always changing, so continually seek new and improved ways to serve them.

  • Issues executive coaching services can help with

    We work super-efficiently with your team to customize “ready-to-go” workshops on a range of crucial topics. Some of our most popular half and full day workshops are:

    • Develop a Memorable Mission and Core Values
    • Articulate Strategic Priorities and Actionable Goals
    • Design New Products, Service Lines, and Partnerships
  • Keynotes

    We are happy to speak to your group on a range of Top-of-Mind topics. Feel confident booking an engaging 40 - 60-minute Keynote on any of these topics:

    • Leveraging Generational Diversity
    • Myths and Realities of Multi-Tasking and Easy Ways to Ramp Up Productivity
    • Stop Playing Wrack-a-Mole: Problem-Solving for Solutions
    • Secret Sauce for Team: Looking at Roles and Responsibilities in a New Light
    • Accountability for Today’s Workplace: An Ownership Model