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Developing Employees for Results
August 2, 2021 at 4:00 AM
by Greenevine
Developing Employees for Results

One of your most important job responsibilities as a manager is developing your employees and providing opportunities for them to improve their skills in many different areas. Your commitment to employee development is a key factor in creating a strong, positively productive team, growing employees who are capable of advancement, and showing your team members that you recognize their potential.

According to What Impact Does Training Have on Employee Commitment and Turnover, Scott Brum, University of Rhode Island, “Training is a tool that can assist organizations in building a more committed and productive workforce.... An effective training program can lead to greater commitment and less employee turnover. The result is an organization that is more productive and professional.”

As you start planning for the next year, take some time to look over each employee’s job duties and responsibilities, the areas where you think they need improvement, and what resources are available for providing development. If you discover that several employees need to gain or increase skills in the same area, such as written communication or productivity, consider group training. Employees who have unique training needs may benefit from coaching, mentoring, or an e-learning program.

Once you have determined what skills you need to focus on, it’s time to see what your company offers through its training and development department. If you can’t meet your training needs in-house, it may be time to bring in a professional trainer.

The impact of employee skills development goes much deeper than improving productivity and effectiveness. It shows your team that you care about them, want them to succeed, and are willing to invest in their careers.