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Why Diversity and Inclusion Training Is Essential in the Workplace
This is an image of a diversity and inclusions workshop.

Ethnic, generational, and gender diversity are crucial to an inclusive and encompassing workplace. Diversity and inclusion workshops can teach your staff how to navigate differences and instruct them on how to contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace. From improving your bottom line to attracting top talent, diversity and inclusion training should be part of your company’s business plan. These are the reasons why these workshops can elevate your business.

1. Attract top talent

When potential employees consider your company, other than the remuneration package and benefits, they’ll be looking at the culture. Does your company include varied people from all backgrounds? Will their colleagues represent a diverse, globally-minded professional landscape? These are all questions they might ask, and you, as an employer, must be ready to show that your business is proactive when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

2. Raises awareness

Your current employees come from all walks of life, backgrounds and have unique stories to tell. Diversity and inclusion workshops ensure that everyone is conscious of their colleagues and understands their respective differences. A workshop provides a safe space to explore and celebrate those differences, thus creating an accepting and informed work environment. Some employees simply may not be aware of the cultural, gender, and/or generational differences between them and their colleagues. Diversity and inclusion workshops change that in an engaging and educational manner.

3. Drives collaboration and innovation

When coworkers understand one another, there is more opportunity for collaboration and innovation. Different viewpoints contribute to problem-solving because an issue that is approached by people who respect each other while offering different views, is more likely to be solved. Diversity and inclusion workshops allow your staff to learn and evolve together while opening their minds to creative solutions.

4. Promotes sensitivity

As global work culture changes, your employees must be kept aware to ensure you are creating a positive work environment. The days of the Mad Men-style office are long gone, and equality, inclusion, and diversity are at the forefront. Diversity and inclusion workshops help employees understand different perspectives while encouraging them to consider how their actions could unintentionally offend fellow workers.

5. Improves your bottom line

Companies that regularly engage in employee training programs can see an increase in employee productivity, engagement, and retention rates. Companies that build diverse teams also tend to have better business reputations. With a diverse team, your business has a wider reach and can relate to more individuals, whether they are potential clients or customers, or future employees. Diversity and inclusion training also ensure that your staff is better equipped when interacting with outside stakeholders and that they represent your company appropriately.

Why Greenvine?

Our award-winning speakers and uniquely tailored programs can ensure your next diversity and inclusion workshop creates lasting change within your organization. Each business or organization we work with receives specialized workshops that are tailor-made for them. Whether you’re a large corporation or a smaller start-up, your company can reap the benefits of diversity and inclusion workshops. When you work with us, you benefit from ICF-certified coaches with diverse educational backgrounds that understand the importance of diversity and inclusion workshops.